Simple and Cheap Design Tips for Gold Coast Kitchens

kitchen_benchtop_replacement_gold_coastAsk anyone which area in their homes they love to hang around in, you would probably get kitchen as an answer as one of the favorite spots. Who would not? The kitchen has got everything that you need – activities to do, from cooking and cleaning the dishes, which you can do together with a loved one or with friends. And the best thing of all, easy access to food! And if you are one of those people, who make their kitchens their personal sanctuary, here are some cheap design tips in sprucing up your Gold Coast kitchens.

Color Splash

Give your kitchen a little bit of pop using a splash of color. Play with your favorite colors and paint them on your kitchen walls. Be bold enough to bring life into the kitchen. Light lemon yellow color gives your kitchen a cheerful ambience, while a deep red wall will certainly grab you and your visitor’s attention.

If you feel like you are not daring enough to take on these strong colors, opt for a more neutral color on your kitchen walls and bring color with kitchen accessories. You can add color to cabinet doors, handles or the kitchen floor instead. Red, yellow and orange warm up the area, while blue, purple and green cool it down.

Come in to the Light

With the right light, your Gold Coast kitchens can change the ambience and feel of the area. Add scones above your kitchen shelves and use track lighting instead of the standard recessed light fixtures. Track lighting allows you to redirect the light where you want to focus it. If your kitchen has a small dining area with a breakfast table, add a small chandelier above it that will match the overall design of your kitchen nook.

Open It Up

If you have kitchen cabinets, you can choose to replace some of it with an open shelving instead. This will update the look of your kitchen making it look more modern and streamlined. This is also a great idea to showcase some of your china collection or the numerous whimsy mugs you have received as presents from your friends. And if you have a blank wall, you can add open shelving by installing wood shelves on metal brackets. This is an excellent way to bring in more storage or display space, whichever you choose.

Art Attack!

Who says a kitchen should only be filled with plates, cups, cutleries and pots and pans? A quirky way to spruce up your kitchen is incorporating pieces of art. Instead of a painting, you can add changing art instead by hanging a chalkboard if you have a bare wall. You can draw, sketch or doodle and write your day’s menu on the board. You can also place a beautifully crafted ikebana on your countertop as centerpiece. You can also use empty clear wine bottles and fill it with color-dyed water. You can use as colorful accents and place it on top of a buffet cabinet in your kitchen.

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